SLAD-R Surgery – Bandages, Bands, Breathing & Big Wave Surfing

My last post covered what happened just before SLAD-R surgery.  This post will cover what happened later that day, as well as some thoughts on breathing – which, as it turns out, is pretty important.  I’m full of profound insights today. Day of Surgery: After The Operation During surgery, Justin, Heather and my dad were waiting in the waiting room – Read more about SLAD-R Surgery – Bandages, Bands, Breathing & Big Wave Surfing[…]

SLAD-R Surgery – Pre Op

This post will describe my experience right before SLAD-R surgery, which was on Tuesday April 12, 2016. Day Before Surgery On Monday, Justin (my son), Heather (my fiance), my dad and I went to dinner at The Schwack for my ‘Last Supper’ before surgery.  They have great turkey burgers and I wanted to load up on protein before Read more about SLAD-R Surgery – Pre Op[…]

Rewiring My Brain: SLAD-R Surgery

After doing a good bit of research, it became apparent to me that the highest probability of actually fixing the bane of my existence, i.e. terminating my Spasmodic Dysphonia, was through surgery.  But not just any surgery, and not just any surgeon.  This post will cover the surgery, called SLAD-R.  The next post will cover the surgeon. Read more about Rewiring My Brain: SLAD-R Surgery[…]