April 21, 2016


Songs.  Mine.  Others.

music pic

My songs

I wrote, played, programmed, & produced everything you hear, unless otherwise noted.


Without You Blues – with John Gebhardt on vocals


You Are So Fine
The Battle


Thick Electronica


I Want To Know – with John Gebhardt on vocals


Other’s songs

What – I’m into any genre that demonstrates technical virtuosity, as well as tunes that just feel good.   Depending on my mood, I especially like jazz fusion, blues, gospel, funk, rock of all shapes and sizes, i.e. alt/metal/hard/classic.   Hmm, I suppose my taste could best be classified as fairly schizo overall.

Where – I like going to see live shows and one of the best places to do this is a frayed and somewhat tattered, yet not decrepit, little club in Hollywood (well, technically its in Studio City) called The Baked Potato.  What’s cool is it routinely get these amazing, world class players who made their names and money as studio musicians, session players, touring, etc.  They come to the Baked Potato to play what they want to play as opposed to what they get paid to play.  It’s the quintessential little hole in the wall, is not much bigger than your living room and you can chat with your hero between sets.  OK, there are admittedly plenty of other great venues across So Cal, but it deserves special recognition…

Who –  I need to call out a few favorites here…


Steve Lukather

Steve Vai

Joe Satriani

Mark Tremonti

Eddie Van Halen

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Jeff Kollman

Gotta say a couple quick words about Steve Lukather, who  is my probably my favorite guitarist.  He plays what is beyond comprehensible, fluidly moving from hauntingly beautiful ballads, to mind numbingly complex jazz, to brutally in your face metal – all of it amazing.  He is so good at so many genres – it’s this balance across so many things that makes him so great.



Simon Phillips

Neil Peart

Tony Royster, Jr.











Anthony Evans

Sammy Hagar (also gotta appreciate his entrepreneurial skills)

Al Jarreau

Howard Hewett

Joss Stone






Stanley Clarke, Billy Sheehan, Marcus Miller, Flea


David Sanborn, Brandon Fields,


Chick Corea


Prince, Jonny Lang, Walter Trout


Alter Bridge, Dirty Loops, Winery Dogs, Rush, Chicken Foot, The Time, Toto, RHCP

…and zillions of others…


Image sources:  Umm, well they’re actually all me (except the 2 cool backgrounds).  There is sort of an explanation for them here.   Though that may raise more questions than it answers.  So for the full story, assuming you have 15 minutes, go here.